An Irony of Twitter

Twitter is in sale, but no emerging bidding is expected and potential bidders are hesitating. In my opinion, there is no single social network platform like Twitter in terms of its political and societal impact. Almost all front pages of the traditional media have been busy to quote what celebrities have tweeted over the last night-celebrities like the US presidential candidates and all big figures of every single sector around the world, and their tweets have often become hot issues. But Twitter has definitely been abandoned by the market. What explains this irony?

It is because nobody pays attention to what a lay person tweets. The more the mainstream media and our sciety are attentive to celebrities’ tweets, the more the general public becomes isolated from Twitter. In fact, social network platforms get popularized when an individual witnesses a chain of reactions to his message. However, Twitter has made ordinary people realize like ‘I am just nothing but a powerless grassroot.’ Tweets have never been a tool for self-enhancement and empowerment.

What a good lesson for other social network platforms!


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