Computer Is a Liar

stressed woman with computer


Back up! Back up!

When I do an important task with a computer, I always remind myself of backing up the data I have worked on. I know today’s computer has the function to save data input automatically, but the situation gets worse when I try to restore what I intentionally erased. All I could do is regretting!

It is totally a machine-centric thought that erased data are not restorable, given that humans have memory and thus remember all physically erased input. The moment of first date with my boy friend and the tragic ordeal I have undergone have all been erased from my diary–I mean, physically–but I do clearly remember all those happenings. We don’t seem to have paid much attention to the differences betwteen record, memory, and recollection.

I think it is a 100 percent lie that the computer has modelled the human’s memory structure. Actually, it may have been nothing but a replacement of our hands.

And I am now thinking about AI.

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