Seattle Artist 2: Sarah Wright

It was a great pleasure to meet an English artist living in Seattle because at least I was able to share a memory about the country. Sarah was born and grown in Kent, England. Today at her studio house in West Seattle, we had a quick chat about the country where an aweful lot of things are going on now.

One of ways to look at art works is to feel about the artist, of course through his/her art works. I am also like the person catching up for a hunch. I don’t know what the nature of it is, but let me just say it is part of intuition.

When I go through a number of paintings, some of the art works instantly grab my attention, arising a good feeling from me. That is like a hunch. But that is not everything I would need when I make a buying decision. Certainly, I would want to buy a good art work from a good artist–in other words, the artist I like so that I can value. I then need to go through as many art works produced by him/her as possible, not just a hunch-based piece grabbing my attention. As well as Deborah yesterday, my today’s artist Sarah has gone through this affect-oriented process occurring inside me.


Without hesitation, I have picked this piece depicting Puget Sound–what I like about Seattle. The cloudy sky and shiny reflection of the ocean came to me as familiar, like something I once painted in the past.


A piece of English landscape. She said she painted Kent, her home town. I have chosen this because I wanted to keep the way her root has been reflected in her art work.


Title of this watercolor painting is “Pines.” Actually, this was the piece that led myself to Sarah’s studio, so called the hunch-based selection. I like this.



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