Not the Growth, but a Break Up of the Ceiling



When I opened my own start-up business, I was able to receive quite many-more than I expected-job applications. Our company was almost like a solo-preneur and did not have a reputation at all, and I wondered why decent people would apply for a zero-base start up like us. Some folks around me gave an identical answer: “they should be eager to contribute to making a big growth.”

The word ‘growth’ struck me at that time, and today I am thinking about it again as I faced the assertion made by Seth Godin in The Big Moo that the organizations that do not grow are considered to be dead. Yet, we need to be careful not to fall into pitfalls when conceiving the growth.

Almost all zero-base organizations are destined to grow. This is simple and clear-cut because they start from zero; whatever they do, it is likely to be a value greater than zero. Should we still value this destined growth made from zero-base?

Pundits admit that big companies are unlikely to make growth as they have reached its ceiling. This is sort of an everybody’s belief which rendered me once have joyful experience of receiving considerable job applications. I am not sure if life span of a company can be or should be comparable to the biological growth displaying the graph of ceiling effect. I also wonder if we should always rely on such macro-economic cyclical theory. And I want to ask if big organizations should then not even think about growing much and one should be called an idiot when he assumes a big growth from them.

Perhaps, the reason for start-up firms making a big growth is because they have brought about a breakthrough. Without making an astonishing progress, they shouldn’t have been able to considerably grow. In this light, what truly matters is not the size of organizations but who makes the breakthrough, and making the remarkable achievement can happen anywhere. IT specialists predict that the mobile phone industry is closing its hey day because it has reached its ceiling and no more growth from that is expected. For me, it is really annoying to observe people so much care about the ceiling. Why on earth don’t they seek to break up the ceiling?

From today, I have decided to forget about the whole bunch of theories about the growth. What we need is not the growth, but a break up of the ceiling.









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